Sports performance

A balanced brain is a great way to enhance sports performance.

One of our main areas is sport performance enhancement. Some of the most recent clients are – Zivan Smith, Paralympic sprinter who won gold in the 4 x 100mt relay at the 2012 Olympics in London and subsequently at the IPC World Champs in July this year a won a gold medal in the100mt, and a 3rd in the 200 metre (both were personal best times), a Springbok rower, an Ultra marathon runner (Arnold Geerts) and more

Brain optimization compliments fitness training and wellness:-

  • Increases proficiency and reaction time
  • Improves physical and mental game
  • Improves brain function, cognition, emotion, human performance, overcomes distraction (less mind chatter, improves focus and concentration)
  • reduces stress
  • chronic pain relief
  • improves sleep

Improved anger management, which can be a result of brain training, has been shown to facilitate sports performance.

Here are some testimonials:

Prior to brain training I had always battled with high emotional arousal levels and negative thoughts before competitions. I have found that my arousal levels have dropped significantly and my concentration levels have improved leaving me with tremendous clarity and focus prior to competition, the likes of which I have not experienced in the past. In September 2009 I fought the current SA champion  in Saldanha Bay and beat him convincingly. The clarity and focus I now experience as a result of the training has changed my game significantly. – LS

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