What is special about Neurobalance?

Neurobalance is technology at its best.

piggybackThe increased speed of computer functioning in the last decade means that during Brainwave Optimization the brain is now rewarded fast enough to understand exactly which behaviour is being rewarded. In the past this was a problem, since the reward needs to be achieved within 1/10 000 th of a second.

Secondly, every brain is as individual as a fingerprint. Once we have measured the activity of your brain using an EEG machine, then computer software uses algorithms to create a training plan that is designed to balance the ratios of activity of your particular brain. Thus we do not diagnose or treat any ailments, but simply address imbalances where we see them. In conjunction with your particular requirements from the training, the plan will be further fine-tuned. For example, the training plan for a person who wishes to improve sleep patterns may be different if that person’s primary focus is sports performance enhancement.

What does this mean for you? You don’t need to relive your trauma to recover. Just relax and allow your brain to let go of the trauma. You are addressing your symptoms at their very root. In just 14 hours your life could be completely different.


My mood went from anxious to relaxed and I now feel able to take on anything.

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