Smoking cessation

Interestingly smoking cessation is probably more difficult than stopping other drug use, as nicotine is the perfect drug, and actually changes the neurotransmitter receptors, hence the initial struggle to stop, as the receptors have to change shape.
The client would ideally commit to 10 sessions:

  • The first two days would be a morning and an afternoon session, then on day 3 – 6 the sessions would be daily and then the last two sessions would have one or two days between.
  • So the brain gets a strong initial message and support, and then ongoing reinforcement.
  • The client would stop smoking on day 1 of training
  • Homeopathic medication can be helpful in clearing the system.
  • The client should have no cravings at the end of the 10 sessions


Well, I saved the best and most incredible for last… I quit smoking on the 15th. Today is my 22nd day without a cigarette. I’m using a very low dosage patch. I’ve used the patch before, but I always had horrific cravings that were difficult to shake. After Brain State, quitting smoking has been such a breeze, I can hardly believe it. I haven’t had a single craving. Not even one! The first week, thoughts about smoking would come into my head but then they went out of my head immediately. They didn’t linger and nag at me. Basically, I just had to get through the habitual part – after a meal, in the car, etc. I chewed gum to help. Now, I rarely have to chew gum and days go by without the thought of a cigarette even entering my field. It’s truly amazing. I really attribute it all to Brain State. I’ve never heard of anyone else having such an easy time of it. And I really know that I’m done with smoking. It’s wonderful.


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