What’s the big deal about sleep?

We cannot underestimate the value of being able to sleep well. Our systems not only do their healing while we sleep, but subconscious processing and release of trauma and stress occur. These are just two of the functions of sleep. The US National Sleep Foundation believes that sleep deprivation is widespread and the cause of a wide range of life style problems such as overeating, skin problems, aggression, short term memory loss and increased chance of accidents. In fact tests on rats in labs have shown that lack of sleep is responsible for considerable shortening of life span. There is an incorrect and dangerous perception that exists in our culture that sleep is a luxury, and that we can wean ourselves to need very little sleep,

Unfortunately it is easy for sleep patterns to be disrupted. Our lives are busy and stressful and very full and noisy. This means that many people are living right on the edge of their ability to cope, and this has profound effects on sleep patterns, at the very time when sleep is desperately needed.

Brain training often profoundly improves sleep patterns, including the ability to fall asleep easily and have reduced chatter in the brain, the ability to awake refreshed, and the ability to sleep through the night. Once sleep is improved, the quality of people’s lives can improve dramatically. This is especially evident in people who have suffered from diseases such as glandular fever which tends to cause severe disruptions of sleep patterns. The healing effects of being able to sleep are so welcome to such people who have often struggled long and hard with the aftermath of their diseases.

Sleep problems can be a result of a wide range of imbalances that show up during the brain mapping process. Training to address sleep issues is thus focused on balancing the brain and allowing the system to regulate itself correctly again. The graphs below illustrate a before and after session for a client who initially struggled to sleep, and then by the end of training was sleeping well and waking refreshed.

sleep beforesleep after

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