The problem with relationships is that we take all our own issues into the relationships and often project them on to the other person.

A good example of this is a person whose system is stuck in a situation of parasympathetic dominance. This can occur in very many ways, but is generally caused by an intense abandonment trauma. For some people, the act of being born can represent such a trauma. What can happen in such a person is that they are then primed to react to situations as though they were constantly being abandoned. They interpret interactions as being about abandonment, even when none is intended. So relationships become a battle field in which it is not possible for anyone to win, and the negative expectation is met again and again because of the nature of the personal interactions.

This type of stored trauma can be clearly seen when a person has their brain mapped. Brainwave optimisation can then be carried out in order to allow the brain to address the imbalance. During the process, the brain is encouraged to move towards a more balanced condition and to allow the stored abandonment trauma to be released by the system. It is not unusual for people to express surprise as they themselves start to notice how they interact differently with people and environments after brain training. The dynamics of relationships are profoundly changed once people can respond to each other rather than react. Relationships are never going to be simple and they will always need to be maintained , cared for and cherished. But if you are starting from the perspective of having a balanced brain, then you are giving the relationship the best chance to thrive.

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