What is Brainwave Optimization?

Brainwave Optimization is the science of changing brain waves.

The brain produces waves of different frequency according to its current activity. For example, during deep sleep your brain produces mainly delta and theta waves, which are slow waves. On the opposite end of the scale, while doing a difficult maths problem, the brain should produce mainly beta waves, which are fast and enable us to complete this kind of task.

In reality the stress of our every day lives has produced brains that are not always able to produce the correct brain waves at the appropriate time. So sometimes when you should be producing beta waves, your brain does not do that, for a wide variety of reasons, and your mind feels foggy, or you just can’t complete the task. At other times, when you would like your brain to quieten down so that you can sleep, instead your mind races and is full of unhelpful thoughts. Most people have experienced these kinds of situations from time to time. In extreme situations, where the brain fails to produce the correct wave for the situation on an ongoing basis, the result can be a wide variety of illnesses.

During Brainwave Optimization, the brain activity is measured, and when the brain produces the correct waves for the particular situation, it is given a reward. The brain is a completely self-serving organ, and very quickly recognises that when it follows the rewards, its own functioning improves. As the brain practises the tasks set for it, it grows stronger, in the same way that an exercised muscle grows stronger. This enhanced brain now has the ability to react more quickly and appropriately to a given situation.

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