The delicate balance that our system requires in order to produce the correct hormones at the correct time is easily disrupted by our frantic lifestyles and lack of rest. A system that does not have time to rest and recover will be running on emergency stores much of the time. Thus our busy lifestyles deny our system both the energy, opportunity and the materials to have optimum hormone balance.

Brainwave optimisation is a brain training system that helps our systems to become calm, let go of stored stress and encourages our brain waves to become balanced. Hormone regulation is just one of the areas that benefits from this time of optimum brain function. Since so much of our quality of life is profoundly affected by our hormone balance, the process of balancing your brain and thus your system is critical. Hormones are interwoven into almost every aspect of our lives and are involved in immune regulation as well as controlling so many of our body functions. So once brain balance is improved, a surprising number of body functions become much more efficient.  Changing hormone levels with changes in stages of life need not be a struggle and a misery, as many people anticipate. By entering these phase changes with a calm and balanced system, we can enjoy a different way of being without the pathological aspects of these changes.

It is clear that the ability to cope with life, and to enjoy the changes and challenges that it presents, are greatly enhanced by brainwave optimisation. The ability to adapt and thrive, and the energy to enjoy the status quo, are all benefits of a system that is in a state of balance and harmony.





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