Client story – Debbie B – Fibromyalgia
Here is a client’s experience of our process.

My name is Debbie Baker and I have suffered from fibromyalgia for about twenty-five years. It took about sixteen years before it was correctly diagnosed. Having lived with intense, debilitating pain and chronic fatigue for several years I was desperate for some relief.

Over the years the fibromyalgia has become progressively worse, with it coming to a crisis point last year when the recession impacted hugely on our finances. I have been a landscaper for about twenty-two years and have found that over the years I have been able to do less and less. Eventually I was at the point where I would get through a project only by sheer will power and many, many painkillers. However once the project was completed it would take up to three weeks to recover enough in order to work again.
I had virtually lost all movement in my neck and struggled to walk. Sleeping was a distant memory. It was impossible to sleep for more than three hours at a time and that was with painkillers. It was even a struggle putting on my jeans, socks and shoes in the morning. I felt very depressed and frustrated that I could do so little. I found it hard to understand why people were so obsessed with wanting to live for so long – I was just trying to hang in there until my daughters were old enough to no longer need me. There was no burning desire in me to live with such a limited quality of life for an extended period of time. I felt that I was becoming a burden and no longer able to be productive, which was impacting hugely on my family financially. Making sure that I was there for my daughters was the only thing that was keeping me going.

My sister heard about Neuro-Balance and made an appointment for me. After my brain mapping, I felt a bit conflicted. It was bizarre that a complete stranger knew so much about me – things that only my closest family knew. I was pretty blown away about the insights that were made but at the same time very skeptical that a process that was so simple and involved no medication could according to others testimonials have such amazing results.

I must admit that I faced my first appointment with trepidation as I had been told that there was a chance that I would feel worse before I felt better. I was fortunate enough to have a double session at my first appointment. On the morning of my first appointment my pain level was at 9 out of 10 (this was a relatively good day). After four hours the pain was virtually gone – perhaps a 1 out of 10. I was absolutely amazed and so blown away by the improvement in the level of pain that I did not at first realize how much else had changed.

I came away from my four hours with a whole new outlook on life. I felt relaxed and at peace but at the same time enegised and wanting to try everything that I had not tried for years. Eight hours later I only had some mild discomfort in my knees instead of every part of my body hurting (to the point where I used to dream of having my legs amputated to alleviate some of the pain). That night I slept for nine hours without taking any painkillers. The last time I slept for that long was as an adolescent.

Amazingly, my body was a lot suppler and I had so much more mobility. I could turn my neck and put on my shoes with ease. I felt as though my life had been given back to me. Things were no longer overwhelming. For the first time in years I felt happy. My family saw a huge difference in my outlook – my older daughter jokingly said that I seemed so happy that she was sure that I was taking some illegal drugs.

It is now three weeks since my treatment. It has been a very difficult, stressful three weeks. I was sure that all of the good that had been done would have been reversed by now. However I am no longer suffering from depression, feel happier and more positive about life in general and I am able to sleep through the night without the assistance of painkillers. I have been able to work again without feeling completely wrecked. I do feel it if I have over done it – but I think that this is in a large part due to a lack of stamina from so many years of not being able to do too much. Rory Park-Ross from Neuro-Balance also did not make any wild promises that this would be a once-off complete cure. He indicated that due to the severity of my condition that I would most probably need a maintenance session every once in a while.

Considering where I was a month ago, I am only too happy to have additional sessions should it be required. I cannot emphasize how life changing this experience has been. I now feel like I am 43 and not going on 80. I am looking forward to spending many more years with my family and I feel better able to cope with any adversities that may come my way. In short I have a more balanced view of life and I am virtually, after 25 years, pain free.


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