What do insomnia, toxin over-load, fibromyalgia, depression and ADD have in common? The link is trauma.


Never underestimate the influence that stress and trauma are having on your daily functioning. Research is increasingly proving the link between life circumstances and such issues as short term memory loss, immune system problems and increased toxin accumulation.


Have you noticed how many people are constantly trying detox diets, and how the shelves are full of aids for the detox process? There is no doubt that we are increasingly exposed to toxins of many sorts in our environment and in the food we eat. But there is another aspect that does not get much attention in the detox arena, and that is the role of trauma. How does trauma influence the way we store toxins?


In a healthy untraumatised system, the nervous system oscillates smoothly between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This has the effect of causing small changes in the person’s heart rate. When the parasympathetic system is dominant, the heart will beat slightly slower than when the sympathetic system is dominant. This speeding and slowing down has a pumping effect on the system and is extremely helpful in aiding the elimination of toxins from the system.


But the reality is that most people are strongly affected by trauma that they have experienced, starting with the birth process. Contemporary living increasingly causes our systems to store trauma, and the intensely noisy and busy lives that we lead mean that there is very little chance that this trauma will be released.


The effect of this amount of stored trauma is to pin the system in either sympathetic or parasympathetic dominance. This has many implications of an emotional and quality of life nature. But it also means that toxins are building up in the system and are not being easily eliminated. Brainwave Optimisation allows the brain to release stress and trauma, and encourages the brain to return to a state of healthy oscillation between sympathetic and parasympathetic functioning, and improving the way in which the person interacts with life. The reduced tendency of the body to store toxins is one of the many benefits that result after the brain comes into balance.



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