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The research Investigating the research that has been done in South Africa alone will give the surprising result that for 20 years at least the results of all the studies have produced a red light – in particular relating to school boy sports, rugby and to a lesser extent soccer, with regard to mild traumatic […]

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Hormones The delicate balance that our system requires in order to produce the correct hormones at the correct time is easily disrupted by our frantic lifestyles and lack of rest. A system that does not have time to rest and recover will be running on emergency stores much of the time. Thus our busy lifestyles […]

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What do insomnia, toxin over-load, fibromyalgia, depression and ADD have in common? The link is trauma.   Never underestimate the influence that stress and trauma are having on your daily functioning. Research is increasingly proving the link between life circumstances and such issues as short term memory loss, immune system problems and increased toxin accumulation. […]

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The problem with relationships is that we take all our own issues into the relationships and often project them on to the other person. A good example of this is a person whose system is stuck in a situation of parasympathetic dominance. This can occur in very many ways, but is generally caused by an […]

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What’s the big deal about sleep?

We cannot underestimate the value of being able to sleep well. Our systems not only do their healing while we sleep, but subconscious processing and release of trauma and stress occur. These are just two of the functions of sleep. The US National Sleep Foundation believes that sleep deprivation is widespread and the cause of […]

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