Testimonials relating to anxiety:

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the priceless change your program has instituted in my life. As you well know I have been seeing a psychologist for nearly 6 years to deal with my chronic anxiety and the feeling to “fight” the whole time. This has been quite the theme in my life. After just a few sessions with you I’m feeling like a new person, gone is the plaguing feeling of anxiety, stress , bad sleep and constant need to fight with everyone around me. My self confidence has reached unsurpassed levels and as a result I’m attracting the “right type of people “into my life. During the past week I have been complimented by family, friends and colleagues as on how calm and rested I look and act. They all want to know whether I have been on a holiday recently!! Personally I have such clarity in what I need to focus on and very little will upset me these days. Thanks so much, I will be back for “calibration” every now and then. I NEVER want to feel like I felt before. MH 30 Aug 2012

I underwent the Brain Assessment and subsequent 6 sessions of Brain Balancing in March 2009. The training sessions were in themselves extremely relaxing. In the following weeks it was apparent to me that my brain had been balanced in that various tasks were performed “right first time” with no glitches. Doing things in general just seems easier. In addition over the three weeks following the training I was able to switch quickly from a state of anxiety to a state of calmness just by thinking of the training sessions. This was of great benefit as I was in the process of weaning myself off some long term medication which resulted in frequent anxiety attacks. I also believe that the brain training has assisted me in recognizing those times when I need to withdraw in order to rest and rejuvenate. – HC



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