ADD/ADHD/Learning problems

A child’s brain is developing until their early 20s, and — depending on the kind of learner the person is — may continue to develop until death. Poor focus or concentration isn’t due to the child’s inability to sit still; because they are just too young; because they have some insurmountable learning problem; or because they just aren’t smart enough. A child’s ability to learn is directly related to how clear their brain pathways are between sensory intake and execution (performance).
Over two-thirds of our brain is based on sensing or input; with only one-third is based on execution. If we have trouble focusing or concentrating, it is simply because the pathways between the sensory and execution network areas are not clear.

Most children we work with experience learning problems because their network is somehow stuck or imbalanced. Imbalances are caused by the brain’s need to adapt to trauma. The more intense the trauma (be it physical, emotional or psychological trauma), the more likely the child will have focus, learning, concentration, and/or issues of self-control. Trauma can occur in utero, at birth or after.
Brainwave Optimization shows the brain how to move beyond that stuck pattern, into healthy patterns. Once the brain is balanced, the child overcomes previous challenges; happiness and self-regulation result.

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